RJS Craft Winemaking

We’re proud to be a part of RJS Craft Winemaking, where your winemaking experience is guaranteed from start to finish.

High Quality Wines

We’re a micro winery specializing in top quality wines made from juices sourced from around the world.

Affordable and Fun

At Livery Lane Wines you can be sure to receive service with a smile – and always a laugh!


Wide Selection

If you’d like to make your own wine or beer, browse our selection or contact us to find out more.


Make Your Own Wine or Beer


26 Years of Experience

We are one of the longest running micro wineries in the area, proudly serving Collingwood and the Georgian Triangle region since 1992.

Automated Bottling

Livery Lane Wines offers an automated bottling service which uses an automatic bottle filler, automatic corker, and no fuss shrink machine for the foil shrink tops. We have synthetic corks available for longevity when storing and aging wine.

Brew House Beer Kits

For those who like to brew beer at home, we sell Brew House beer kits. We have a great selection of American lagers, India pale ales, wheat beers, red ales, and many more.